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Coronavirus and Weddings: "What's next?"

Let's be honest, when the government recently announced they would be reducing the amount of people at weddings to 15 it was a body blow to many couples out there who once again had to make some very tough decisions, not to mention the industry as a whole with a great deal of venues and suppliers affected.

We like to look on the bright side of any situation however, so let's address the positives. Firstly we are seeing a great deal of ingenuity in tackling the issues presented by COVID including the immergence of "micro weddings" - essentially a more intimate affair and at a reduced cost. Secondly, suppliers are not counted in the 15 so you can still pull together your dream supplier team!

We are also hopeful in the coming weeks and months the numbers allowed at weddings will increase according to venue capacity. A number of petitions are gaining momentum online and its seems inevitable that this will soon be debated in parliament.

Despite the ever changing rules and restrictions, 2021 is looking to be a bumper year with many venues reporting a shortage of dates already! The wedding industry is worth over £10 billion to the economy not to mention the joy it brings to so many people. We will continue our role in showcasing the finest South West wedding venues and suppliers and do whatever we can to support local business.

Be sensible, safe but stay positive and continue to plan for the wedding of your dreams.


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