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Hope ...

WEDDINGS ARE BACK (...coming soon!) - Dancing, hugging, enjoying a drink with loved ones....remember those things? Well with the new roadmap laid out by the government, you could finally be having the celebration you dreamed of this Summer and maybe even this Spring.

Here's how its going to work (if things go to plan) Under the PM's roadmap, up to 15 attendees - including brides and grooms - will be allowed from April 12

This number will rise to 30 from May 17

It is hoped an unlimited number of guests will be allowed as all restrictions are scrapped from June 21

The Prime Minister said: "We will aim to remove all legal limits on social contact and on weddings and other life events from June 21. Today the end really is in sight. A wretched year will soon give way to spring and summer." AMAZING!


Concerns however do remain with couples and wedding businesses alike. Many couples have already rescheduled or postponed their big day and now have further decisions to make regarding numbers and has been a nightmare, lets not kid ourselves! As for the wedding industry as a whole, it has been a torrid time. Many venues have been effectively shut for nearly a year and with very little (if any) financial aid from the government. This also carries over to suppliers in the same situation. These businesses which contribute to almost £15 billion to the UK economy now need support to help them survive the coming months and to get back on their feet. Despite the obstacles which still remain, this really is positive news.

The past year has affected so many brides, grooms, families and wedding businesses and although not perfect, the new roadmap out of lockdown offers real hope that life is slowly but surely heading back to normality.


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